Comparing OS and DB

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what are the pros and cons about the server’s OS (Windows vs Linux) to run the Ignition application?
similar question to the DB selection.



The most important thing is to use an OS that you can properly support and secure.

Obviously Linux has some advantages with free licensing and controllable updates, but if your team doesn’t have experience in troubleshooting issues that may arise in a Linux installation then the time costs will more than outweigh the licensing costs of a Windows installation.

If you’re providing Ignition for a client then your client’s level of familiarity should also be considered. No use providing a solution that gives everyone headaches down the road.


I’ve found that plant floor production systems are most likely to perform their intended function when not interrupted arbitrarily for security interventions and software inventory management. If a facility’s IT department is sufficiently competent to schedule such activities during maintenance windows collaboratively arranged with production management, Windows is a fine choice. Note that the odds are good that such a sufficiently competent IT department will allow or even recommend Linux, as it would represent a reduction in their workload.

Otherwise, insist on Linux, and recommend that production staff manage it directly.


Thanks for raising such in important topic !

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The main drawback to Linux that I can think of, is it does not work with OPC DA. I would recommend MariaDB over MySQL for these reasons. If you need to read data from Autosol, you will need Microsoft SQL. Beyond those reasons, I think the choice would be whatever you are used to using.