Comparing values in Power Table

I have a power table and I want to compare the value of the two columns and if the values don't meet a certain criteria, I would like the color of the cell to change color. For example, if 'Average HTH' is less than 'HTH_min' I would like the 'Average HTH' cells to be red. I know I have to use configureCell but I'm stuck from there. Any support?

Just check to see if the column you want to compare is being evaluated, and compare its cell value to the corresponding column's value in the dataset:

#def configureCell(self, [...]):
	# can't see what the rest of the column name is or it would be if colName == 'Full Column Name'
	if 'Average of HTH_' in colName and value <, 'HTH_min'): 
		return {'background': 'red'}