Compatibility with Java 7

Is the ignition gateway software compatible with Java 7? I’m replacing my back gateway with a new pc. I installed Java 7U9 and then installed Ignition, but the gateway won’t start properly. My system is version 7.5.3 and window 7 64 bit.

Thanks for the help

Yes, it is compatible. Can you post the wrapper.log to see why the gateway will not start? My guess is the path to Java is incorrect or the wrong architecture.

Wrapper log file
wrapper.log (747 KB)

Take a look at the ignition.conf file (located in the data folder) and make sure the path is valid and pointing to the correct Java.

Your Java version is fine.

It looks like the redundancy system keeps trying to do a full system restore and restart…


Yes, the backup keeps thinking that it’s “out of data” and needs to restore. Could you turn two loggers on temporarily on the master, and post the master log?

Go to Console>Loggers and look for “MasterTCPChannel”, and “DiskSyncManager”. Turn both of them to “Trace”. Let it run for a few minutes, until the backup has connected and restarted at least one cycle. Then, turn them off. The MasterTCPChannel will likely result in a lot of messages, but it should be ok if you only let it run for one reconnect cycle.


I started the system as an independent node and then made it a backup node. It now seems to be working. Should I still turn on logging or just watch it?


No, if it’s working, that should be fine. Perhaps there was some issue loading the backup, and starting it as independent let it catch up or something. Let me know if anything strange starts happening, or if it starts again after you have to restart the backup next time.