Complete Newbie, how to add a BNI EIP-508-105-Z015

The BNI EIP-508-105-Z015 is an IO-LINK master (If I use the terminology correct, remember newbie here)

It is on the network and you can grab sensor data by going to address/ports.jsn

IO-LINK seems to be a popular standard… but looking around would it normally connect to a PLC before being connected to say ignition ?

Or would a different master be the way to go? This looks pretty straight forward

The Balluff EIP Modules are Ethernet/IP modules. Normally they are used as remote IO for a master plc.
Your module supports I/O link sensors in addition to the standard binary IO ports, but the network protocol is still Ethernet/IP.
Maybe @pturmel can tell you if his Ethernet/IP module will work with your device.

So you would normally point ignition at say the Allen Bradley PLC that was connected to the sensors through I/O link.

This gear is new, so if something else should be bought or configured differently I would try and go that route.

Almost. The plc is connected through Ethernet/IP.

If you need to connect I/O link sensors direct to Ignition, an OPC-UA gateway might be a simplier solution.

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I would expect it to, in scanner mode (premium version). I’d need to inspect the EDS file to confirm.


This device has been reported to work with this XML configuration. Note that the BNI EIP-508-105-Z015 is also known as the BNI006A.

The config can be cut down a bit to work with the similar BNI004A. It supports IOLink on four of its eight ports, instead of all eight.