Complex SQL Query

I wondering if what I am trying to accomplish can be done. I am trying to create a single table with data queried and joined from Ignition tables sqlt_as,sqlt_core and sqlt_meta. Queries and joins from sqlt_as and sqlt_core are not an issue ,but it is the table sqlt_meta I am struggling with. For each unique tagid in sqlt_meta, there are three records . I am trying to extract each record and based on the text in the name column, place in a unique column in the table dataset.
Only way I can figure out how to do is three separate tables each its own query.
Attached shots are of the three tables created, the sqlt_meta table with the 3 records per tagid and a typical query.

If I understand right, you want a subquery to pull the other meta data for that tag. Try something like this:

	(select sm2.stringval from sqlt_meta sm2
	 where sm.tagid = sm2.tagid and = 'OPCServer') as OPCServer
from sqlt_meta sm
join sqlt_core sc on = sm.tagid
left join sqlt_as sa on = sa.tagid
where = 'OPCItemPath'

Is uses the “current” tagid from the row you are “in” to drive the where clause of the subquery. Note the table alias is different, but the table is the same.

thanks alot! You are smart, I am dumb!

results below all in one table: