Complex tag showing up as Int4 in SQL Tags

We’re having a problem adding a PHASE tag from an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix processor to our SQL Tags. This is a fairly complex type, but it’s built-in, not a UDT. In the OPC Browser in Ignition, it shows up as a simple tag, not with the usual “folder” icon. Expanding it, however, shows all its component sub-tags. After dragging the phase tag to SQL Tags, it shows up as an Int4, and none of the sub-tags are present. It does display as expected in the OPC Quick Client on the Ignition gateway. Screenshots are attached.

We have a workaround: creating the folder manually with the name of the tag and drag all the sub-tags from the OPC Browser to the SQL Tags window seems to work.

Ignition version is 7.5.4 under Linux.

For whatever reason the OPC server is giving us back the structure where the R_PHASE is a tag and a folder. You are going to have to either create the folder manually and drag in the sub tags OR use the UDT feature of Ignition. I would model the UDT in the PLC as a UDT in Ignition so you only have to create it once. Here is a video on making UDTs: … 4&index=46