Complex veiws with hundreds to thousands of custom icons

Hello I am new to ignition and need some help with my first project. The project is to copy over a program from wonderware to perspective and it needs to look as close to the same as possible. This means that I have to create custom devices which are sets of several individual images. As some of these screens will have closer to 100 devices with 10 or more individual components (eaching having tags associated) the ignition designer becomes unusably slow. My question is how can I make these devices less demanding on the system. I am currently using SVGs. Should I switch to another method? Is there any way to go about this more efficiently?

If you really have to match (even somewhat) the look of a conventional application, you are going to struggle with Perspective. Both in look and in performance.

Consider Vision for such restricted conversions.

Second what @pturmel said, if this is your first project, Vision has a less steep learning curve too.

That said, if you are being forced into Perspective, there are several topics on the forum on SVG optimization with Perspective.

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I have been doing the same moving over a massive project that was in a Honeywell service.

I can definitely speak toward pturmel's comment that it is a very large barrier to overcome if they are expecting it to behave exactly how it looked/performed in the past, you might want to go the vision route.

In my case, this was not a direct issue and some new norms were able to be established.

To answer your question about the SVG's, I have been able to mitigate this by converting the SVG's into a standardized format and saving them as an icon library in ignition and utilizing the icon perspective component to bring them up as needed. I have had success utilizing flex repeaters with these to get 100's of items to populate as needed. With perspective, the amount of load on the system can be quite a bit if it all has to be loaded into a bulky view.

if you dont need to do animations or color changes on your icons, use images instead of svgs

Thank you for everyone's suggestions. Unfortunately I have to use perspective so I have been digging into the forum Matrix_Engineering provided

There are many topics, search using similar terms, I only posted one example