Component Bindings

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I am seeing a behavior in the system where if the tag binding breaks (showing red broken binding) for some reason (low pull rate from the client, time-out, etc.), it doesn’t get refreshed automatically. When a user re-navigates to that screen, binding seems to be refreshed. Any idea ?
I am using 8.0.17
Any help is appreciated,

Is this a known issue that can be fixed with version upgrade ?

I’m seeing a similar behaviour. v8.1.9
However the overlays disappear in a couple of seconds
Running 14 Omron PLCs (NJ driver) at a total of ca 50000 tags (ca half of which is polling at 1/sec)
Have not yet managed to figure out what is the root cause… Possibly it is a timeout issue in the PLC is my best guess

There were a number of changes to binding initial value handling that caused this sort of thing. I thought it was fixed by 8.1.9, but might have been more recent. Also, with a very heavy tag load on an unoptimizable driver, you might also get stale timeouts before the first value arrives.

Yess, but it should go away after the value of the tag is updated, no ?