Component Custom Method illegal char in parameters

I want to pass the default value for one of my function in Custom Methods as a string that includes “/” but Perspective get it as illegal char, so I wonder how I can pass this string.

Does '//' work? As in iconPath="MES//OEE"


The only non-alphanumeric characters allowed are underscore, space, comma, single quote, backslash, equals and asterisk.

So what should I do to use “/” for my default value as function args?
It is totally unacceptable and makes this function is useless for us. When we put those chars in " " and pass it as str it should not get the error.

Have you tried the backslash "\" it should work.

I’ll open an issue for this… you should technically be able to do this but the validation logic for the parameters field isn’t sophisticated enough.

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You an always make it a project library function and call that, that works as a parameter in that context.

I am curious as I never make custom methods on components but what benefit do you get from having it as a component custom method vs. a project library method?

As a work-around, use a default of None and check for None before the rest of the code.


Just make everything compact and in the same place. It is easy to export and import around without worrying to miss the lib.
Of course, if it is more general and can be used for other components I will put it in project lib.