Component error in 3D module building using React Three fiber and SDK

Has anyone in our community developed modules using React Three Fiber library?
I am currently experiencing a major issue with this.
The SDK successfully compiles everything and no error can be seen inside gateway or any other place except inside the designer and client-side (website).
@PGriffith @PerryAJ

When I asked chat GPT about this, the GPT answered me this :

"Ah, I see what you mean now. In React Three Fiber, the component tree you see in the React DevTools is indeed different from the main DOM tree because React Three Fiber uses a reconciler tailored for Three.js, which is separate from ReactDOM’s reconciler for the browser’s DOM.

React Three Fiber provides a canvas into which you render your Three.js scene, and this scene lives in a separate render tree managed by React Three Fiber’s reconciler. This is why you see a different component tree in the React DevTools when inspecting a React Three Fiber canvas.

The Canvas component from React Three Fiber creates its own context for the Three.js scene, which includes things like the camera, scene, gl (WebGL renderer), and other necessary objects for rendering. This context is different from the usual React context provided by Context.Provider.

When you use React DevTools to inspect a component within the Canvas, you’re looking at the React Three Fiber tree, not the main DOM tree. This tree is composed of Three.js objects like meshes, materials, and geometries, which are represented as React components thanks to React Three Fiber’s reconcile."