Component error in perspective (only in external monitor)

Hei guys,

One of our users is having a weird error.

He gets a component error on a numerical entry component when he tries to edit the value. BUT, this only happens when he’s using the perspective project on his external monitor.

Another thing that is interesting, is that the the error does NOT occur if I open the developer tools in Google Chrome, if I turn off the tools the error comes back. When I hover over the component I get this error: “Minified React Error #152”.

Otherwise it works fine when he runs the application on his laptop display. Any ideas why this is happening? Seems to be some sort of rendering error in react, but I’m not entirely sure.



What Ignition version is this?

8.0.16, but I think this has been happening since 8.0.14, at least it’s something our user saw a while back, but didn’t come back to until now.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the external monitor is one of those Samsung curved screen ones, not sure it has anything to do with the issue or not.

Hey, I am too facing this issue of component error on a dropdown.

Any update on this, we are seeing random Component errors on different machines clients. (Not all external Clients) and seem random.

@Michael_McCabe , I’m afraid we’ll need more information before we can really help you. What components are encountering this? What version are you using? We are aware of some instances where a few components can enter this state, and each is a different issue. Depending on your version, this could also be something we’ve already resolved.

@Aditya_Patil, your question has nothing to do with the topic of this thread. Please delete your post and start your own thread.

He already did a 2 weeks ago, but did not provide any new info or answered the last message xd