Component Error on Table, Perspective

Hi, I have an error in some tables that filter other tables.
When I select one ore more items on some tables, i got the “component error”.



Thanks for your time

If you look at the developer tools do you get any js.react errors? I’ve seen this issue happen on certain components where it errors out when it tries to re-render the frame. Usually has happened when the basis on the object was set to 100%. Not sure if this is your issue here but might be something to check.

Actually I’m not using flex container, so i don’t have Basis Properties.

I need more information about how your table is configured in order to help. There are far too many moving parts in the Table for me to begin troubleshooting based off of only the information provided. If you could provide the Table component as a json file, that would work best - or if you export your View, that would work as well. What sort of data is being used, is it a dataset or a list? Are there any relevant logs in the browser console or in the Gateway logs?

If you’re just using the table as a way to drive data in a sibling component, why aren’t you using the Dropdown component instead?