Component Error on Time Series Chart with Query


I keep getting component error on my Time Serie Chart. The data look good. Maybe is because i am using a a temporary table but the data look ok so i am confused maybe somone can help.


Thank You

Try rewriting so the temporary table is a subquery instead. (I don't see anything that wouldn't be valid in a subquery.) Also, you've written your SQL as if a script, but without statement delimiters. SQL scripts happen to work in JDBC with Microsoft's driver, but you still need delimiters. (JDBC doesn't generally support SQL scripts. You should avoid them.)

Thank For your quick reponce
I remove the complicated part and run it in the back ground ground also have tried to improve statement delimiter.

Now i have a very simple query and still have the same issue.

Thank You

Your timestamps aren't in order. The Time Series chart needs them in order. (A TOP clause isn't reliable without ORDER BY anyways.)