Component Initialization Order

Is there a way to initialize components in a certain order on a window? I have multiple components in a column on a window. Each component relies on the previous one to get data. During runtime, I notice that the order of initialization varies. Using scripting, I can set a property in a certain order to have them update but I was hoping that there was an easier way in the initialization process.

You could try using the propertyChange event for each component to cascade events, but there may be another way to handle it in expressions.

I’ve tried propertyChange event for each component but they didn’t fire consecutively.

You’ll have to wait until AFTER a certain property updates. If you explain what you are trying to do and/or post some code, I’m sure we can help you.

I have a template that consists of information for each hour of a shift, such as widgets made and number of operators. I want to keep a running total of widgets which means I need data from the previous hour template since I don’t want to query a database every time the screen refreshes.

I was able to accomplish what I wanted by using the instance name of the template. At the end of the name is an hour number. This way I could decrement the hour number to get the previous hour template data. I do appreciate the help.

If I may ask, why not? You can set the rate of the query to whatever you want.

I’m doing the same application using multiple queries that run every thirty seconds for the hourly counts, 10 seconds for the widget counts and 15 minutes for the colorful takt time table.

My hourly count is made via a script. One query for each line. Counter-intuitively , it seems to run more more efficiently with a bunch of small queries than one large one.

I think you’d be pleasantly surprised what the database can handle. :slight_smile: