Component Menu tree data mangled from drag & drop reordering

I wanted to reorder some menu items in the Menu Tree component, and after dragging some items up and down in the PROPS panel, I noticed the data was changed. I got duplicates of some items and others were deleted.

I am running Linux Mint 20, any suggestions on how to avoid this? There is no undo, so I have rebuild this from scratch. (This is test system, so I didn’t have GIT setup for it yet)

I don’t think this is limited to the Component Menu tree.

I noticed this happen on other components as well, like the Table

It’s extremely frustrating

I have setup GIT and can show the data change in detail. This bug is very consistent.

That’s good to know, since there is no undo (at least in Menu Tree) it’s really annoying to fix…

I'm with you there. I usually just exit the view without saving when it happens so i lose whatever work I had done.