Component of alarm ignition

!Hello everyone!
How can I handle alarms in Ignition ?

I have an application with the components of alarms that has levels, like low, medium, high and critical, then, when a alarm is enabled, everything keep working as nothing happen, even if the alarm is critical.

The question is:
Is there a way that the components of alarms can work stopping every activity in the application when there is a critical alarm?

I think there is some confusion on how alarms should work. If an alarm is enabled (I assume you mean active) and a severity of critical, what are you wanting to happen? Define activity.

Stop everything in the application until the user resolve the critial alarm only.

Well if you were to stop everything in the application then the user couldn't do anything including resolve the alarm.

You might want to take a step back and think more about what you are trying to do. You need to include more information as well. What is the source for alarms? A PLC?

Sorry, I mean stop one process of the application and then donĀ“t start that process but you can use other things in the applicaction while you resolve the alarm

This alarm came from a tag and the information for this alarm came from a script where I send it and enable the alarm in the component of alarms.

Define process. You aren't being clear. You can get alarm status and even narrow it down to a specific severity. So if you want to restrict something when any critical alarm is active, then you can.

Your question is vague. What do you mean by "the application"? The Ignition Vision application or the PLC application?

For shutting down the machine when an unsafe condition is present, these controls must be kept in the machine itself with some form of safety relay and, if applicable, corresponding PLC logic. With regard to disabling controls on the HMI when a critical alarm is present, this is what the Enabled property is used for. You can create one boolean tag that changes state if any critical alarm is active bind it to the enabled properties of the controls that need to be disabled.

That said, there also needs to be alarm indicators of some kind that quickly and intuitively to guide operators to the reason that the controls are disabled.

In my project, a high level alarm triggers a popup of the alarm info. The operator must confirm or shelve the alarm, otherwise the popup will trigger again in 1 second.
Is this what you mean?