Component property to check security disable events status


Does anyone know of a component property that reflects the components security disable events status?

I have a container that opens a pop-up control window when clicked.
If the user does not have permissions to control it, then this click event is disabled via the security -> disable events.
This works fine.

The issue is that I also have a tooltip on the container ‘Press for control pop-up window’.
This tool tip still works when the events are disabled and is confusing to the operators.
I would like to change the tool tip based on the containers disable events status.
Set tool tip to ‘Press for control pop-up window’ if they have permissions. Set to ‘Insufficient Permissions’ if they do not have permissions.

Thank you for you help,


I do not know of any property, but a simple script like this example should work for all (as far as I can see) components that as the docs says “properly implement enabled within the Vision component system”

def isComponentDisabledBySecurity(comp):
		Returns a boolean indicating if the component has been disabled due to security.

	return not comp.enabled and comp.componentEnabled