Component Rotation

The forum has some discussion about workarounds for the limited current component rotation implementation. I submit that components should be able to rotate via one of the component handles (maybe after pressing right-click). The entire component should rotate in synch with the container. This would be a huge improvement and be consistent with most drawing software out there.

I suspect this may already be in the works for 7.3, but I wanted to make sure it was mentioned.


In 7.3 there will be a whole new set of shapes tools that more closely align with traditional drawing software. These shapes will rotate via a handle as you would expect.

I want to introduce a “Moving Analog Indiciator” in my window rotated 90º to the vertical. However, I do not see any option to set the rotation I want. Is there any option with which I can set a certain angle to this type of elements?

The moving analog indicator will automatically orient itself vertically or horizontally based upon whether the component is tall or wide.