Component scripting don't run in preview mode

I have in the Window a button that supossed to launch a messageBox, the detail is when it run in preview mode, the button no react, a text in simple quotes and double quotes and not run the code or display the message. the ignition version is 7.9.

In the next archives display the window with the button “Enviar” and the Component Scripting

system.gui.messageBox("Gondola registrada exitosamente en la via 1")

also try with:

system.gui.messageBox('Gondola registrada exitosamente en la via 1')

I have also reviewed the option in the section Project and it mark the option “read and write”

Your screenshot suggests that you’ve attached this script to “Group 15” instead of the pushbutton. The group won’t get clicks that land on the components within. Also, for buttons, you should use the actionPerformed event, instead of the mouseClicked event.