Component Scripting If statement based on tag value

I am trying to write a component script that will either display a message box or write a value to a tag based on the value of another tag. Here is what I have as of now:

if ‘[edge]PLC_3010_SJD_2/Test_Tag.value’ <> 0:
system.gui.messageBox(‘Pump Change Already in Progress… Please wait’)


if system.gui.confirm("Are you sure you want to start system?","Confirm",1):
	tagpath ='[edge]PLC_3010_SJD_2/Controller:Global/F_3010_LSP_15' + event.source.parent.pump_number + '0_HMI_start'
	value = 1

	system.tag.write(tagpath, value)

The second if statement writing the value to a tag works fine. The initial if statement doesn’t seem to care what the value of the “Test_Tag” is. I am assuming I have the syntax wrong for "referencing a tag value, but I have not been able to find what the correct syntax is, or if its possible.

Should be

Thank you for the reply. The script does run with no errors, but the if statement runs regardless of the value of Test_Tag. When the value is 0 I still get the Message Box.

What type is Test_Tag?

Test_Tag is an integer. It is a memory tag that I am using for testing purposes only. The actual tag used will be an OPC Tag also an integer.

can you post the script after the changes recommended by @MMaynard, because assuming that Test_Tag value is actually 0 the script should work.

Apologies. I just double checked and I had kept the .value portion inside the parentheses when I updated. placing that portion outside the parentheses works.