Component Scripting Window always on top

I am using Ignition 7.6.3-rc3. I have noticed that the component scripting window appears to always be on top. I remember in previous versions it was always on top of Ignition windows (which I am fine with), but now it is always on top of all Windows windows. It has become a major annoyance when flipping back and forth between emails and web pages. I do have multiple monitors, but it never fails that the scripting window is always on the monitor of the item I am trying to view causing me to frequently move the scripting window to another monitor.


The client diagnostics window has always done that and it’s very annoying. Would be good if both of these could be fixed. I was thinking of doing an upgrade but that’s definitely postponed after seeing this.

Haha this is the thanks I get for making the scripting window non-modal! :unamused:

I can change the scripting window to be not always on top, I guess.

I love the fact that it is non-modal. i can click on other components without having to close the window.

The global scripting window is non-modal, but it is not set to always be on top. can you make the component scripting window the same way?

Done. 7.6.4

Thankyou very much.

The non-modal scripting windows is a really great change in 7.6. Now even better!