Component Security - Show Componenent (NOT Hide)


Is there an easy way to make a component visible when it is NOT meeting configured security roles - It is easy to ‘hide’ a component, but the standard security options do not offer a ‘show’.

This is probably easy but I cannot see a simple way as yet.

Thanks in advance.



so I have implemented a work around - I added an empty label which is hidden when there is insufficient permission. Then bound the visible property of my component to the visible property of the label, inverted.

Must be a tidier way … ?

Going on - I am displaying an image ‘icon’ within a template which is a simple black image. When insufficient permissions are available the image is greyed - I cannot see why - I wish it to remain black.


Hey Tim,

You can place a '!" (the 'not ’ operator) in front of your expression:


Whoops! Missed that one… :blush:

Try binding the “Disabled Image Path” property to the “Image Path” property. I think that should give you what you’re looking for. Chances are that it’s disabled until the permissions are met.

Yes, making the disabled image path match the image path fixed it.

(Newbie at this, so didn’t spot the disabled image property)