Component width

Is there a method to determine the width of the window a project has opened (or modified to) so components may be sized correctly? I have information to determine the display width (thank you JordanCClark). What I would like to do is to modify the size of a component (at this point, my components are labels and power tables). I have a label that should extend to the full width of the window, and a power table that has one column at a fixed size and the rest of the columns are set at a percentage of the total width of the window. when opened, I would like the table and the label to extend to the largest the display can offer, or if opened in a window, the largest horizontal size the window has to to offer.

Any pointers?.

You shouldn’t need programmatic access to the width - have you investigated ‘anchored’ layout mode?

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Yes, I have.
What I need to do is,
I have a table with 18 columns. the first three columns are hidden, as they do not need to be displayed. The last four are hidden ( all column information is displayed if the user selects a row. at that point, all 18 columns are displayed for that event). The first column that is normally displayed is 18 pixels wide. The second column is (((width of the display - 18)/ 11) * 2), the remaining columns width will be ( (width of the display - 18/ 11)). The desired effect is, columns 0 to 2, width = 0, column 3 width = 18 pixels, columns 4 to 11 = ((width of the display - 18) / 11). The remaining columns are hidden.
The anchored option does not seem to give me the spacing I need.