Components don't line up the same in client as in designer

I have seen a few times now where I will have two buttons lined up the way I like them in the designer, but when I view the window in the client, they are no longer lined up. They are usally spaced further apart than I set them in the designer.

In some cases I have been able to manipulate the buttons in the designer so they are placed where I want them in the client, but other times they still stay where they are even after moving them in the designer.

Any thoughts?

I struggled with this as a beginner - when the project is run in a client the graphics resize to fit the resolution of the PC its on. I think you need to look into the relative/anchor features for graphics (under Component > Layout). Relative allows the graphice to stretch as the client screen is resized, anchoring the component to sides of the screen keeps it at a fixed distance from those sides (i.e. anchoring a table on all four sides stretches the table when opened full screen to make use of a all the available space). There is a write up I believe in the user manual, other than that experiment with the layout options explained above. One other important thing to remember is the minimum size of screen allowed (before scroll bars appear). You can get two components anchored left and right on the screen that can overlap each other when the client screen is re-sized by the operator.
Hope this helps.

Brett, that was exactly the problem. Thanks!