Componets return to designer state, reopening view


I am using Ignition 8.0.10 and I found an issue with the components: dropdown list, dateTime input, time series chart, etc. Every time I open the view I have to select the configuration (date, movement type) and re-graph the data, because configuration returns to the data saved in the designer.

This is a configuration that I entered while was using the application.

If I go to another view and return I got the designer configuration.


Page values (component settings) are not saved if you navigate away from a page. Attempting to save every value across every page you visit in a session would consume your browser’s available memory very quickly.

Your best option here is to bind the values of the components you deem essential to save to session properties. Doing this will retain those values for the life of the session, and therefore the values could be re-used when the page is visited later in a session.

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Ok, I got it, thank you very much!

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