Concat multiple UDT tags into one string

Can I please get some help with Concat Month, Day, Year, HR, MIN and secs from individual tags in to a single string?

all of the tags are in a UDT.

any help would be greatly appreciated. i have tried multiple expressions and either get no value returned or an execution error.

Thank you!

This is what I am currently working with in the expression…

concat({Kimray Gas Meter/RTU/Month},"/",{Kimray Gas Meter/RTU/Day},"/",{Kimray Gas Meter/RTU/Year}," “,{Kimray Gas Meter/RTU/Hour},”:",{Kimray Gas Meter/RTU/Minutes},":",{Kimray Gas Meter/RTU/Seconds})

What error do you get?

the following worked for me:

concat({my udt/day},"/",{my udt/month},"/",{my udt/year})

I’m assuming all your tags are integers, you may have to cast them to strings:

concat(toString({Kimray Gas Meter/RTU/Month}),"/",toString({Kimray Gas Meter/RTU/Day}),"/",toString({Kimray Gas Meter/RTU/Year})," ",toString({Kimray Gas Meter/RTU/Hour}),":",toString({Kimray Gas Meter/RTU/Minutes}),":",toString({Kimray Gas Meter/RTU/Seconds}))

I was curious about that too, but at least in the context of a memory tag integer, you don’t have to manually cast them as a string. maybe you do for an opc-ua tag, not sure. concat() or just the expression language does it for you in this instance.