Concept & Design Planning

Hi there, I wanted to ask if anyone felt free to share, especially from Ignition service suppliers, what platform or process do you use for designing concepts to show your customers (mine are internal) ?
I started with sketching a bit freehand and then using Illustrator and then moved to Figma so I could have a bit of flow functionality - but with both then I find I end up missing a detail that makes matching my concept difficult from a functionality or organizational standpoint.

I’m feeling like really I could just sketch and go straight to a “dumb” Perspective page to make a concept, but then that’s risky in the “oh well maybe I should just start developing…” - having an airlock between design and development is often good. or there’s added overhead to get a design looking right that when you’re concepting can hold you back as well. But Perspective is so flexible, half the time it feels like I’m in a graphics design program anyway.

Would love some thoughts!

We used to work with external design firm for concept and they use Then they share their animated wireframe. Many similar product exist, but this one I know and have a free plan. Hope this help.

IA’s design team uses InVision for this purpose, for what it’s worth.

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ah! Very cool - thanks guys