Condition between buttons

Hello everybody

I am in visual ignition, I have two buttons, one I use to turn on the other with the following condition:

If({[~]OEE/LIINEA_DISCO/Inicio_linea_disco} = 1,
	 {[.]Boton_PRUEBA_2} = 1

affecting the TAGs {[.] Button_TEST_2} and {[.] Button_Test}

it just isn’t working and I don’t know what’s wrong since it doesn’t mark any error for me, it just doesn’t send the result of the condition when it is met ({[.] Test_Button}
= 1)

I’m not perfectly clear on what you’re trying to accomplish here, but I’ll do my best.

First, take a look at your post tags. It seems unlikely that you’re running every version of Ignition (ignition80, ignition79, ignition81, ignition78). People will be able to help you better if you specify which version you’re using. This also doesn’t look like scripting to me. It looks like an expression.

Since this appears to be an expression, you should know that you can’t assign a value to an outside tag in an expression. You can only read values from outside and return values to whatever is running the expression.

You say you’re in visual Ignition. That sounds to me like you’re using Vision, not Perspective, for your graphics, but can you confirm this?

What is running this expression? Is it on another tag or on a component binding? If on a component, what property?

What do you expect to happen here? It looks to me like there are three possible return values (1, 0, 10). If {[~]OEE/LIINEA_DISCO/Inicio_linea_disco} != 1 it will always return 10. Otherwise it will depend on the values of {[.]Boton_PRUEBA_2} and {[.]Boton_Prueba} but could be either 0 or 1.

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