Conditional Display - Customizing shape & adding text in an image for Perspective

So far I figured out how to make it an overlay by utilizing the opacity in the style, as well as Map Transformation while using the Tag binding (using boolean 0 or 1 to be either green or red).
I've done this using an Image component, where the image is completely blank:
Image Overlay Sample

What I would like to do is to:

  • create a custom shaped image to be utilized as a condition button, so it fits in nicely to represent an actual area
  • Be able to insert a text inside it

How can I achieve both of the above?

I think the simplest way would be to make an svg with the shape you want, put it in a view and overlay a label on top of it. Then you can use that view as your button.

Note that it doesn't need to be in a separate view, you could just drop both into your 'main' view. But an embedded view might make things easier.