Conditional formatting of a table row in Report Designer

I’d like to conditionally format rows in my table in a report based on the value in the row. My dataset has two columns, timestamp and status. If status = ‘True’ then I want to fill the background of the row. I have added a custom Alternate to my table details row and I think I need to do something with a Table Row Version Key but but I’m not sure what. I entered:
Status=“True”?“Standard”:“TrueRow” but it doesn’t seem to do anything…

Is this in the report designer, or just a regular table in a Vision Window?

in report designer

It’s easier than you think! To set the colour of a row based on a value, open the Report Designer and double-click on the ‘Data Details’ row. Click on the 4th button (used to set Property Expressions but incorrectly labelled ‘Roll, Scale & Skew’!).

Click on the ‘FillColor’ property and then type the following in the box underneath:Status="True"?"red":"white"Make sure you then press so the expression is saved against the property. You should now find all rows with a status of True should be highlighted in red. You can of course use other colours and other properties to achieve different effects.

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Thanks for the tips. It all makes sense, I tried what you suggest, but I still don’t get any fill. Project is running on a machine without internet access, I’ll take some screen shots and attach when I return to office.

You were soooo close, need a == and then it works!