Conditional formatting of NULLs in report table

My named query returns recipe parameters with (valid) NULLs where there is no table entry. These get converted to <N/A> by the Report module table component. I'd like to render all the <N/A>s in light grey to reduce the visual clutter (while keeping QA happy by not having empty cells).

Report table conditional formatting

I'm reading through the docs Keychain Expressions section but can't figure out the syntax to use in the cell's Text Color property. I've tried various variations of,
(Red and blue are just to make it very obvious whether or not anything is happening.)

Any ideas?

It's been a minute since I've done reporting.

It says in the property inspector @ isn't needed. Perhaps try without?

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Minor follow-up: do you know what set of colors the report supports? It doesn't support #123456 format and I didn't get a result from color(180, 180, 180) or Color(). Is it using a Java format?

I found it. I needed to quote the color.
Parm1 ? "blue": "lightGray"

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