Conditional Informations in popup window

I'm creating an interface to keep track of the states of many components of machines. I have template which will show the recap for each components, with it, I got a UDT with every parameters included in It so I only have to link one variable when adding a recap block. Now I'm trying to create a popup window that shows every parameters for the component. (the popup window opens when you click on the recap block of a component. My trouble is changing the informations shown up in the window depending on which block I click on. (not wanting to create a unique popup window for each component. At least, I use the same UDT for each and everyone. I'm thinking using dynamic tag binding (or indirect tag binding) but I'm not sure where to get which UDT block was clicked.

Would creating a temp tag could work? so when I click on a block I set to temp tag to the name of the UDT I want at the same time as opening the popup window. And in the popup window the parameters display use indirect tag binding like such: [edge]clicked_UDT/Par_id clicked_UDT being the temp tag

Pass the UDT instance path as a parameter and use this in the popup:


Found somewhere on here that it is not recommended to have a Custom Property of Type UDT (bad performance).
As a result when I make a popup, or any page that requires duplication and that needs to be dynamic like this I do as mentioned above and pass a parameter in like a number to a Custom property that lives on that page (i.e Machine Num= Integer)

If I had a popup that showed 12 different tags about a machine, and I had 3 machines that might be called then I will setup all of the tag bindings on all of the components to be either indirect addressed or an expression and the dynamic number will be written into it there (it's a page property).

So if machine 4 comes along and gets installed, all I need to do is pass a 4 to my popup and all my tags work.

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leading me to another question, am I the only one not able to access a window parameters from another window?

I don't use vision so I'm not sure what's up.
But I wouldn't expect one window's parameters to be accessible from another one. Nor would I want them to be.

good, thanks

In Vision, a script can look up window objects by name, and if open (non-null return), can traverse the hierarchy to access and/or write to targeted properties. But only in scripting, and only when the window is open. You cannot bind to other windows' properties.

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thank you, that's pretty usefull to know