Conditional style on Prespective Table

I'm starting with ignition prospective and I'm a bit disoriented, I explain the following:
I have created a table in prospective and I need to have a conditional style.
I'm looking to do something like this:

When the report < quantity, mark the row in red, when it is equal to or greater, mark it in green

I have no idea where in Ignition Designer I should put the conditional style.
Could you guide me?

If you have a look at the default table you will see how the "Folsom" cell has been formatted with an orange background.

    "city": {
      "align": "center",
      "editable": true,
      "justify": "left",
      "style": {
        "backgroundColor": "#F7901D",
        "classes": "some-class"
      "value": "Folsom"
    "country": "United States",
    "population": 77271
    "city": "Helsinki",
    "country": "Finland",
    "population": 635591

You will need to use a script transform on your table's data binding. There are examples in the docs.

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