Conditionally color dropdown background color based on a boolean value

I have a dropdown menu where the user can potentially select multiple items. To make it obvious to the user what they have already selected, I am having the dropdown data point to a dataset that has the value, label, and a selected column. When a item is selected, the selected column will turn to True. I want drop down items that have a True in this third column to be a different color.

How can I accomplish this? I have a Styles dataset where I have two columns, selected and background with two rows one where selected is true and another where it is false with two different colors. However when testing everything is the same default gray. The 'Background Color` property is bold as though it is bounded after I added the Styles dataset, however clicking on the binding button doesn’t show me anything and it still doesn’t work. What am I doing wrong?

Here is how I did something similar based on the string value of a dropdown menu using an expression binding

switch({Root Container.DayColor.selectedStringValue}, 'BLUE', 'ORANGE', 'GREEN', 'YELLOW', 'PURPLE', 'PINK',
	   color(0,0,255), color(255,140,0), color(0,255,0), color(255,255,0), color(255,0,255), color(255,134,218), color(0,0,0))