Conecting 2 pcs into the same network

Hello, I’m a little new in ignition environment and I’m having some issues… i want to open my client in 2 different pcs… but my secondary pc create a different ignition network instead of connecting in the principal network i wanted…

ignition mentioned that i can open to many clients, but i don’t know how to do this in different pcs…

My pcs are connected in the same switch… if you need more details make me noticed it please.

The Ignition installer you download from Inductive Automation is for the Ignition server; only install it on the computer(s) that are intended to be servers (not clients).

To open a client, go to the server’s Ignition web page. If your server is named “serverName”, the address would look like this: http://serverName:8088/main/. To open a client on another PC, open this web page from another PC and open the client there.

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how can i change my server name, in my pc-server the direction is localhost:…???

The server name is the computer name. Localhost is not the name, just a special address that goes to the computer it is run on. You can substitute the server computer’s IP address in the web address, for example: When you have an address (other than localhost) that works on the server computer to access the web page, use that same address to access it from another computer on the same network.

im trying to connect using the ip address and the name of my server just like you told me, but i still cant connect, im not sure if in my server i need to have some different configurations that the defaults. I really appreciate your help

Can you access the Ignition web page from on the server with an address other than localhost? Or only with localhost address? If only with localhost, you are most likely not using the correct IP address.

in the server i can access from the localhost, the computer name, and the computer ip

Okay, that confirms you have correct computer name and IP address. Either of those addresses should work in the same way on another computer on the same network. Things to check: is the other computer on the same subnet? Is a firewall blocking the connection? What happens when you try to access the server web page via IP address from another computer?

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i inactivate windows firewall in both computers, and finally connected my other pc to the server.

I really appreciate your effort to make me understand the problem and helping me to solve it. thank you!

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