Config Error and E_UNKNOWN_ITEM_NAME Error


I have configured Factory SQL for WINCC SCADA Server.
There are two issues that I am encountering.

  1. In a group intended for Milk Reception for certain route, I am getting the tag value for Route_Name as “E_UNKNOWN_ITEM_NAME”. A few days ago, when I configured that tag, value is coming properly. Same is happening for another tag.

  2. I am writing a tag for resetting and setting Utility at midnight (DB to OPC). It was working properly before. But now, it is showing value as “Config Error”.

Can you suggest what can be the causes for the problem mentioned, so we can resolve the same.
I am attaching the screen shot of the errors along with this post.
Waiting for your kind reply.

Thanks and Regards,
Jignesh Chavan
Software Engineer


It’s possible that they’re both related, is it possible that something was changed in that structure since the tags were created? Both errors could mean that the item path was incorrect, which could happen if something was moved or renamed in the PLC.

The other possible cause for config error on that bit is having a datatype set that the OPC server doesn’t like. By default, FactorySQL passes the datatype along as the “requested type”. If the item is set to a type that the server doesn’t support, the server may reply with “config error”. Try setting your data type to Int2 or boolean, or perhaps try turning off the setting that sends the type- it’s under “Server Settings” and is called “Don’t Request Datatype”.

I suspect it has to do with the address of the tag though. Many OPC servers will show an error when the client tries to add a non-existent tag, so check over there for more hints. If you can browse for the tag, try browsing and adding it to a new group. Then compare the working path/datatype with what you have configured in the existing group.