Config page displaying old markup/code

For some reason, my module (which includes a config panel and html) is displaying an older version of the html (components missing, not updating values). I have checked the corresponding jar file for the html and classes and everything seems to be up to date. However, when I install the module, my changes are not applied. Am I missing something?

Additionally, when I revert the html back to the version that matches what is displayed, and comment out/delete the components that no longer exist on the page from the java code, it throws an exception when trying to add those components (as if it is not running my updated code).

I think Wicket is caching your pages the first time they are loaded. You should be able to turn development mode on by editing $IGNITION_INSTALL/webserver/webapps/main/WEB-INF/web.xml and changing the deployment configuration param to “development”. I think this will stop the caching…

Or you can restart your gateway to test changes.

Bundles that I load and unload myself in the gateway hook always work, while bundles autoloaded from properties files adjacent to class files always get stuck. I haven’t tried Kevin’s suggestion (yet) – I just restart the gateway any time I change a class bundle.
I vaguely recall there’s a wicket cache clear function, but I can’t recall it at the moment.