Config page Internal error after upgrading to 8.1.11


We are testing 8.1.11 on our servers. And after completing the upgrade the MQTT Transmission server page does not load anymore. It returns a ‘Internal error’

org.apache.wicket.WicketRuntimeException: Error attaching this container for rendering: [WebMarkupContainer [Component id = table]]

Is reinstalling Ignition the only solution?


Check the gateway logs (or the wrapper.log file if you can’t access them) for the full details of the stacktrace.

If it happened immediately after installing a module, then the obvious thing to try would be uninstalling that module.

We managed to solve it just now.

Ju8st uninstalling/reinstalling module did not work.

What we did was:

  1. Uninstalled module
  2. Deleted the tables related to module in idb (internal db)
  3. Reinstalled module which recreated the tables

Page started working