Config Security Zones Perspective project

Hello, helm me understand sommething about security zones.

I want restrict users to connect on project by IP adress.
The project is on localhost and computer is connected on wifi (IP adress :

I configure on security zone sommething like:
Only users connected to the network 192.168.1 must by authorised to login in projet.
And only users connected to the network 192.168.1 must whrite sommething on tags ou click on an button.

Firtly I create a security zone to restrict IP adress

Users with IP adress can connect on the projet. It work.

Why computer/Laptop were projet is running can't see app on the web ?
localhost :

Does your computer hostname match the hostname requirement you set? You'll need an * if you want to wild card that

I think as well, for the Gateway Names you don't need the quotation marks, * is all you need. Though that shouldn't affect this particular issue

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Remove the quotes in Gateway Names: "*", not "'*'".
Also, as Hayden said, make sure the laptop's hostname matches the requirement. Don't forget the wildcard.

hello @pascal.fragnoud thank you pour ta réponse. what requierement are speaking for laptop hostname ?

La seule information que j'ai est que les utilisateurs doivent etre connecté sur le meme réseau qui se trouve le projet.

Est ce qu'il y a une information de plus e n prendre en compte sur la partie hostname ?

Quand je dis requirement, je veux parler de ce qui est configuré: ici, "ZoneIndustrielle75_".
D'après ton info, j'utiliserais les ips pour identifier le réseau, et le hostname pour identifier la machine sur laquelle tourne la gateway.