Configuration BBMD

problemas con la integracion de un tablero NOTIFIER HONEYWELL FIRE ALARM SYSTEM
Me podrian ayudar con la configuracion?
Notifier ip:
attached configuration screens

Is a second network adapter? I don’t think that address is going to work.

I am by no means a networking expert, but i do remember something about the last address in a subnet being the broadcast address, but i think that’s different than what ignition wants.

A network address shared by other BACnet devices to send and receive UDP data.

What if you try the gateway IP address instead?

succeeded in initializing, but still not reading the data

You will need to provide more information on what you are trying to do. What do you see in the tag browser? This is just an example of one BACnet device i have setup for testing

OBJECT LIST appears empty

I’ve reached the limit of my experience with BACnet. It could be that device just doesn’t have any points available. Can you get basic info from the device like model or serial number, just as a test to see if you can get something from it?