Configuration error with OPC UA Server

Hi, thanks for your reply, I’m using version 8.0.6

I am working to Connecting to OPC Servers

The error message with a fault reason on the status page is attached with this topic

By the port in the error, it looks like you’re trying to connect to a Kepware server.

Usually this error means either:

  1. Kepware isn’t running
  2. a firewall on the Kepware machine is preventing you from connecting

edit: hopefully the endpoint URL field in your screenshot is not what you were attempting, because that looks like the port/path for the Ignition server. Autocomplete maybe?

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I was setting up a connection to Kepware last month, in the end I had to go into Kepware admin and “allow anonymous connections”… or something similar to that, search the forum here there is more info


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