Configuration for OEE report

we want to use Ignition to collect and store tags about the operation of the equipment. Display and analyze them using an external application. Is this configuration suitable for this?
OPC UA Server Module$150
OPC UA Server Module Discount- $150
SQL Bridge Module$1,900
Tag Historian Module$2,000
Siemens Driver$350

is it suitable? How can I get data from the Ignition database using an external application?

Thank you!
Kind regards, Alexander.

The configuration is suited to collecting and storing data, in a variety of DB formats. It has no support for client display and interaction, which I think is a tragic omission. But the Tag Historian and the SQL Bridge modules will store to a database in forms accessible to external applications. You simply connect that external application to the same database as Ignition. I personally prefer the SQL Bridge module for such duty, which I think will make sense when you have trained yourself to use it.

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