Configuration of tag historian query for records of values in an established time range

Hello everyone. I am creating a report using the Tag Historian Query setting. Since I have never used the report module, I have a question about the tabulation that the report Preview is throwing me. I have a history variable that increases linearly in time. My intention is to perform performance tests to calculate the increase of the variable every 10 min. this for a period of one hour. Being so, it should have equal values ​​between the six ranges, but it is not like that since the Delta of the values ​​gives me a descending value in the report.
I have historized the variable and set the EndDate as now() and the StartDate as shown.

The data I got was in descending order. Theoretically it should have values ​​six equal values ​​of 240 for each time interval, however I am having values ​​much lower than expected. Doing tests, I verified that it is possibly due to the data update rate, but I already have these configured to update every second. Any suggestion or comment would be of great help. Thank you.

Hello Jorge

I would start with looking at the raw data to ensure that it is being recorded correctly. If not, then review how your tag history is setup in Ignition as you may have to adjust the deadband settings.

Best of luck.