Configure action script

Hi all
Can you help me please because I don’t see what is wrong?
Please look

at the picture.
Thank You

Your parms object looks like you’re trying to start it with a paren ( ( ) instead of a curly bracket ( { ). So the code is failing to register the object as being completed.

Also, your entire parm object should be indented to the left.

Also also, you should provide code here within coupled triple backticks " ` "

parms = ( 'one': 'something',
    'two': 'else'}

should be

    parms = {
        'one': 'something',
        'two': 'else'

So my code is here and i still don’t see mistake :frowning:

 parms = {"3rt" : self.getSibling("RT").props.value,
	 "barcode" : self.getSibling("barcode").props.text ,
	 "name" : self.getSibling("name").props.text,
     "number_Squeeze" : self.getSibling("number").props.value,
     "forMachine": self.getSibling("toMachine").props.text,
     "avargeFrom" : self.getSibling("avergeFrom").props.value,
     "avargeTo" : self.getSibling("avergeTo").props.value ,
     "coldCanal" : self.getSibling("coldCan").props.value,
     "location" : self.getSibling("location").props.text,
     "adapterID": self.getSibling("adapterID").props.value,
     "machine_ID":self.getSibling("IDstroj").props.value }
   # Run the Named Query

Because your indentation is still not correct:

Correct indentation:

Wrong indentation:

    params = {
	    "3rt": self.getSibling("RT").props.value,
	    "barcode": self.getSibling("barcode").props.text,
	    "name": self.getSibling("name").props.text,
	    "number_Squeeze": self.getSibling("number").props.value,
	    "forMachine": self.getSibling("toMachine").props.text,
	    "avargeFrom": self.getSibling("avergeFrom").props.value,
	    "avargeTo": self.getSibling("avergeTo").props.value,
	    "coldCanal": self.getSibling("coldCan").props.value,
	    "location": self.getSibling("location").props.text,
	    "adapterID": self.getSibling("adapterID").props.value,
	    "machine_ID": self.getSibling("IDstroj").props.value

Ah ok, now I understand Thank you :smiley: Sorry for my question because I am a student in Ignition. So I have now a second problem with an error when I click on the button I get back error message. I have Queries when I insert rows to a table. and event on the button when I have a script for running these queries. What I do bad?

Your indentation for the parms object is still wrong. Look very closely at the screenshots I provided. If you look at your screenshot from the latest post which shows your script, you can see in the upper right a small red rectangle; this means the code will not compile. If you hover over it, you’ll probably see something like see mismatched input '' expecting DEDENT. It’s telling you that the parms variable declaration is indented too far.

Indentation is extremely important while using Python.

Sorry i send you wrong screen. Now i have compilation code ok but i still have wrong script.

You can’t do that.

rt as you are using it now is a variable, not a reference to a component.

self.getSibling("RT").props.value in no way equates to rt.props.value

Thank you now is all ready.