Configure Actions, Navigation tab

In the Configure Actions: Timer, Navigation tab, there is an option that says Forward/Back. How does this option work?

What I’m looking to do is a simple timer that can rotate through displaying a group of windows. The timer can be turned off via a button. While the timer is running, it swaps in a new window every few seconds.

I thought Forward/Back might do it, but how do I specify which windows that are in the group, and in what order?

Forward/Back are context based, meaning they work based on the windows that the user has been to frequently (like a webpage).

What you want is a timer script that rolls through windows. There was a post recently called “Slide Show” that was very similar to this. Check it out here: … php?t=2783

Check out my post (3rd one down). This script works automatically based on user inactivity, but would be easily modified to work based on a button.

Let us know if you have any more questions,

Thanks. I think I’m catching on a little now. I was able to condense that timer script down and it works great:

[code]#list of windows to cycle through
windows = [“Window 1”, “Window 2”, “Window 3”]

if event.propertyName == “value”:
i = event.source.value
#close the previous window
#open the next window

You could use fpmi.nav.swapWindow() instead of opening and closing the windows. This assumes that you’re swapping the Window that the control is on.

edit - Carl’s linked code is a pretty elegant approach. I would add a line of code that checks a Client SQLTag to run. You could enable or disable the Window cycling by writing to that SQLTag (with a button or whatever).

Ah, you used the first reply’s script. The only thing I don’t like about that one is that it uses a timer script, which seems awkward to me b/c that means you need either the same script on all 3 windows, or a 4th window to always be open. My reply used a global timer script, which might be a bit cleaner.

Whatever works best for you is fine though!

Hope this helps,