Configure an alarm to be active on Any Change

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I have a need to configure a tags alarm to be active on Any Change of the tags value. I would like to set its Alarm Mode to "Any Change", but according to Tag Alarm Properties > Alarm Mode Settings

Note: This alarm will never be "active" because each active event is paired with a matching clear event, instantly.

I haven't found any examples of this being used. Is there any way that I can still use this mode to trigger some actions based on changes to the tags value?

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Use a tag change script, and an accompanying memory boolean tag to write to when changed. Then configure the alarm on that boolean tag. You'll also need an alarm script to set the boolean tag back to 0 once it's been ack'd.

If you'll be doing this often, create a UDT.

Alternatively, do it in the PLC (preferred solution, as it's not dependent on an external device to catch the alarm condition).

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Works great. Thanks!