Configure Cell, ignition 8.1

Hello, how can I change a value from a table to another value as :

Old value

New value

Your question is really open ended, if you just want to be able to type in a new value, go to Table Customizers > select the Colum > check Editable. That all changes depending on your binding, and where you want to perform the edit.

But I want just change the value in the table for another value that I am receiving and then I could see displayed the word “new” for 2

If colIndex==6:
        If value== 2:

I think this is probably not a great idea, since its going to run multiple times. There might be a way to mitigate that, not sure.

This on a property change event will do it, though you will need to adapt to your actual table setup. My test table has one row and one column for simplicity.

data =
newVal = data.getValueAt(0,0)
if newVal == "2":
	newData = system.dataset.setValue(data, 0, "value", "new") = newData

Don’t change anything in configureCell. It is fundamentally a display operation, nothing else. If you want to substitute, return the “new” string as a display item from the appropriate cell.

But , how ?
In which property ?

Match the row and column provided to the configureCell function against your logic on whether to display “new”. Don’t change the data in configureCell. If the data needs to change due to some other action, that other action must change it.