Configure ignition SCADA with USB barcode scanner

How I can configure ignition SCADA with DS 2200 USB barcode scanner. How we could take the date from scanner to SCADA in vision?

You have two options:

  • Configure the scanner as a keyboard device. {Similar to what you'd do for a Perspective application.} Then use Sepasoft's barcode scanner component to intercept the prefix codes the scanner generates. Or just use a normal text entry field and require the user to focus it before scanning.

  • Configure the scanner as a COM port device. Run a long-lived asynchronous thread that waits on serial port traffic, decodes it, and pushes the results to Vision client tags. The latter can be bound to custom props in your UI and cause further handling upon property change. There are complications to running long-lived asynchronous threads....

The above is intended for long-lived gateway threads, but the same principles apply to Vision clients.