Configure: Indirect SQLTag

Hey guys. I would like to have an Indirect Tag opion when configuring buttons (or other actions for that matter). That would sure be nice. I’m spoiled by that option when binding elsewhere.

Thanks a ton!


There is definitely a way to use indirect tags in scripting. Unfortunately, there is no obvious way to do it. There is an example in the help pages here that shows this example:val = fpmi.tag.getTagValue("[]EastSection/ValveG/HOA_bit") fpmi.gui.messageBox("The value is %d" % val) Since the tag path is just a string, you can build that any way. ie:valve = event.source.valveString val = fpmi.tag.getTagValue("[]EastSection/"+valve+"/HOA_bit") #or path = "[]EastSection/%s/HOA_bit" %(valve) val = fpmi.tag.getTagValue(path) fpmi.gui.messageBox("The value is %d" % val)

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