Configure public web server

Hi there!

I'm trying to connect ignition and Alexa as this resource mentions, but because of my lack of IT knowledge I haven't been able to do it

I already imported the project and created the Alexa skill, but I get this error when I try to run it on Alexa

what I don't understand it's how to make my ignition server public🤔, my gateway is installed on my pc only for testing purposes.

Hi @Diego_Aaron_Gonzalez,

Setting up a public IP address varies dependent upon your Internet Service Provider and router, and it may be best to get in touch with them about the best option for you. However, generally for home internet, port forwarding is common to expose a host via the router's IP address. There is an older forum post that touches on this, that I'll include here:

I was also able to find this general guide on setting up port forwarding on a router:

Hopefully this helps!

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